This page will be updated regulary when I have some news :-) Please read The manual before asking any questions. The old history below has been removed, because other versions should not be used anymore.

03-08-2014Version 3.1 is ready for download. Small bug-fixes and split will now be for 6/12/24 folders. Other number of pictures will split to the folder called "wrong". Manual was updated too.

The version is ready to download here: zip file. Just unzip files to install or upgrade. If you are upgrading, please take a copy of your configfiles first!
05-08-2013Version 3.0 is ready for download. Only major change here is that the predefined drives has been removed. Now you will need to browse for the drive. Only photomarathon.exe is changed and download it here: photomarathon.exe. Just replace it with the existing photomarathon.exe

Manual will be updated soon. I tried to provoke the previous error with sorting by EXIF and I can't. Please test this feature or don't use it! (this was tested in the Danish photomarathon and works)
21-08-2012Unfortunately, there are bugs in version 2.2. The split function and participant validation was not working correct. There is a fix for this to download by right-clicking here and overwrite the old .exe file in your installation directory. Sorry about these errors!
20-08-2012A changed version of the German translation file is ready. Download it by right-clicking here and overwrite your old language_DE.xml file. Thanks to Lars Riehn for doing the changes!
02-08-2012Version 2.2 is ready to download. It's a packed installer that will guide you through the installation. Keep default values in the installation if possible!. Download it by right-clicking here and save or run

It will create a desktop icon and a startmenu icon. Please try with local administrator rights, if the installation fails.